iSpy Planetary Escape

2011-02-21 08:27:34 by Naota

Wow I haven't been here in a while. Currently I am looking to release about three different games. Here they are with their status:

Escape the Store (sequel to Escape the Bathroom 3D/Reloaded) - 95% Done
Escape the Anus (not an Escape Game) - 75% Done
iSpy Planetary Escape - 5% Done

The latter two games are not escape games in a traditional sense. I am very excited about them all and hope to have them released to you all very soon.

Between that, running my website, learning Korean, and working 50+ hours a week at my main job, things have gotten pretty busy here.

I hope to bring these things into fruition soon.


iSpy Planetary Escape


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